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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 18, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> next at 6:00, members of a stockton family sharing their grief as they remember a loved one killed >> the entire hiv community is stunned by this. >> friends and leaders lost in the malaysian air lines disaster. >> a judge allows 49er alden smith to avoid jail time but a bigger penalty could be still to come >> beating the high cost of car insurance, discounts you may not know about.
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>> i wake up, hoping it's a dream, that my mom will be there. but it's not >> grief from a family of a woman killed in the violent bank robbery in stockton. good evening, everyone. >> her husband and children made a public comment since the deadly shootout. abc7 news is live in stockton with the family's emotional message. >> misty singh went to the bank to get cash for a hair cut and left as a hostage. her daughter found strength to talk today. >> she'd go to my games. and would bring me orange juice. >> mia focused on the good times >> i would be on the phone, snap
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chatting. she'd try to get into them. shed always chew ice all the time. >> police say the 42-year-old was used as a human shield by bank robbers. it's unclear whose bullet killed her the shootout left two suspects dead the third suspect, jamie ramos, survived paul singh was her husband >> this is still surreal. she was our rock. she did everything for us. >> they didn't say if they planned to sue law enforcement but a family friend, who is also an attorney says the r.the singh plan to obtain audio recordings
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and guidelines. >> the manner in which she lost her life is tragic. it raises questions. and the family has asked me to assist them in answers. >> the family says all of the love and support helps them cope. >> a memorial site has within set up for her family. you can find information on our web site there will be a prayer walk tomorrow in stockton. beginning at 2:00. the public is invited >> stockton police looking for a 4th expect. take a look at this car. investigators say the driver of this black sedan dropped the robbers off at the bank. police say the two dead robbers were known gang robbers. 20 police officers were placed
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on leave after the shoot out. that represents 6% of the police force. authorities say the bank of the west branch manager volunteered to be a hostage but robbers took tows those three instead the surviving suspect, a 19-year-old jamie ramos faces charges of homicide, kidnapping and robbery. >> the president said the malaysia airline as tack should serve as a wake up call for european nations slow tomorrow pose sanctions on rush yachl the president blames pro-russian rebels for shooting down the flight with 298 people on board. he said russia is arming and training rebels russia has not denied a russian-made weapon was used in the attack. a soviet made duke mission launcher being shown taken towards the russian border missing one of its four missles.
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an international team came to begin their investigation. armed rebels chased them off. >> researchers have recovered 181 bodies so far. one american is confirmed among victims still this, tragedy is being felt here, wayne freedman joins us. wayne? >> we know the number, 298 people, dead aboard the plane including three infants but the damage does not stop there with the friends and families left behind. this is a crash spread sadness around the world and we're even feeling it in the bay area. >> family on board. me. >> this morning just a hint of the pain from malaysia flight 17. no need for translator to understand the anger, frustration, impatience. at the site in ukraine, more smoldering wreckage. among ruins clues to some left behind. this passport belonged to one man with a bay area connection.
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19-year-old college student quinn lucas seansman with both dutch and american citizenship had a father who used to live in menlo park. just one victim, as the president noted. >> men, women, children, infants. who had nothing to do with the crisis. >> after yesterday, so many of us do have a connection, even in round about ways. megan duffy earned a rowing scholarship to indiana university and made friends with 25-year-old carline kaiser. she described her friend as- >> the girl with a big smile on her face, was a motivator on the water, off the water. >> the indiana university web site posted a tribute. here is what her coach had to say. >> just seeming there was so much in front of her.
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it's hard to believe. >> now more on young quinn lucas seansman he was in route to malaysia for a family vacation. he was a soccer player for a team in holland. five other members of the team appear to have been on the plane. >> also aboard the doomed flight dozens of the world's top aids and hiv researchers heading to a conference in awes stral yachl the loss hitting local activists hard and will impact the aids walk in san francisco. abc7's reporter alisa harrington joins with us that story. >> reporter: at golden gate park, crews are setting up for the walk. organizers tell me they will pay tribute at this year's event. >> it's just so a group of people trying to eradicate the world of one of its biggest challenges would be lost to an act of such incredible violence. >> dana van goreder is one of
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the organizers of aids walk san francisco. this year they're dedicating the event to a group of researcher that's died on board the flight. >> this community of 20,000 people will feel solidarity with these people. >> the group was on waits to a conference in australia when a plane was shot out of the sky. one of them was a former president of the international aids society. he was part of the glue to the larger community, brought people together. brought difficult issues to the table. >> eric gusby says lang was an early researcher in hiv, first visited the clinic in the 1980s, dedicated to finding treatment and making sure medication was available in poor, and rural regions of the world. >> two. three. four people in a bed with infections, all dieing.
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was the norm. and that disparity, he characterized as an ethical dilemma. >> gusby says his loss will have a deep impact on aids research but years of work will continue to save lives. in san francisco, alisa harrington, abc7 news. >> and our coverage of the disaster continues in this newscast. we'll bring you a recorded conversation that ukrainin officials are offering as possible proof that pro-russian rebels were behind the downing of the jetliner. >> you may see alden smith picking up litter off the street and highway, part of a sentence after pleading no contest to six felony charges for possession of assault weapons and drunk driving. abc7 news was in the courtroom when smith stood up and apologized to the judge.
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he's live now and this is probably best-case scenario for alden smith. >> it's true what. is remarkable is that we're seeing alden smith standing in court saying he's sorry. but that may have swayed the judge to reduce the charges from felonies to misdemeanors. alden smith showed up in the court house and had pleaded no contest to charges of possession of assault weapons and drunk driving. the judge factored in smith's behaviors in deciding to go easier on him with his back to the gallery, smith spoke only briefly. smej was put on three years probation, must serve 11 days in jail or 11 days of a work program. smith and his house and vehicles can be searched by any peace officer for four years.
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and he must pay several thousand dollars in court fees and asessionments. recognizing smith plays football on sundays, the court is allowing smith to do his work program mondays. smith got into trouble when a party got out of hand in his house. prosecutors say a who's who of gang members were there. one got hold of an assault weapon from smith's bedroom. two people were shot, smith, stabbed. that led to possession of assault weapons charges then, later smith host control of a car, smashing into a tree. he was arrested for dui. he missed five niners games while he went to a substance abuse program. >> i think alden smith got treated like anyone else would in this county with this conduct. period. >> if abiding by sentencing, the nfl could take actions against him for fractions of personal contact code he left using a side door
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allowing him to avoid questions. in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. >> now, 49ers and everybody around nfl expect a suspension for smith before the sentencing. many believe he would miss 4 to 6 games. so he could lose up to $875,000. if suspended. giants pitching coach will miss a weekend series after falling ill during a flight. officials say he experienced a case of vertigo the charter forced to make an unscheduled landing so he could receive medical treatment. he's expected to be fine. >> still to come at 6:00 new reality for medical marijuana in san jose. restrictions now in place changing the way clubs do business. >> also, a recipe for success.
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special program giving refugees a fresh start in america >> weather will be turning warmer tomorrow but perhaps muggier sunday i'll have the details in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> i have discounts you've never heard of that
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i'd be honored. plan for your goals with advisors you know and trust. so you can celebrate today and feel confident about tomorrow. chase. so you can. chp identified a driver involved in a suspected crash that killed a 30-year-old woman. investigators say the
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34-year-old was speeding on northbound 101 when his car flipped into a ditch the name of the woman that died has not been released. officers believe all five people were related and were coming from a birthday celebration from a the surviving passenger suffered injuries. chp says no one was wearing a seat belt. >> firefighters uncovered an illegal marijuana grow responding to a fire in the city's vernal heights neighborhood. crews responded to the home before 4:00, knocking down the fire. reports say 100 plants were found. a firefighter was injured and a man is in custody. >> sweeping restrictions on medical marijuana dispensaries now in effect in san jose. starting today, cabinis clubs will not be allowed to do business in residential areas and near schools, sellers are required to grow their own marijuana and have security.
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they have to file to register with the city today. >> we spent weeks looking for the right location. we knew what the ordinance is going to look like and sensitive use areas. so we think we found an ideal location. >> there are 78 cooperatives in san jose. more than any other city. shop owners say regulations are too tough and could force many of them to close. >> five diplomatic refugees graduated today. abc7 news tells us how they're choosing to start over. >> afghanistan, iran. >> some are from other parts of the world others from here in the bay area. each is part of a program sdieb designed to give low income people basic knowledge. and employable skills. >> valerie is the associate
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program districter and says don't be be fooled by industrial kitchens. making pizza is only a fraction of what they do here. >> it puts in the core confidence view, including safety, sanitation, equipment knowledge they learn how to follow directions and read a recipe. >> he was forced to flee and got a visa to come here to oakland. today, with his certificate sh he earn says he's ready for what comes next. >> nothing happens overnight you have to be patient. you have to be working hard. >> the project has been working with low income groups, partnering with another nonprofit to include refugees. >> for myself, it's a great experience. >> this client has been in the
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u.s. for a year and says he's living proof of the value to new immigrants. >> so far we have had three classes graduating from the project. >> next class is slated to begin the first week of august. >> time to turn to the weather for the aids walk. >> that is right. looks like lovely weather, maybe humid sunday. otherwise, it will be fun. sunny skies, clouds at the coast. stormy in central sierra as it has been. wider outbreak of thunderstorms now than we saw an hour or so ago. we have a flash flood affect. back to the bay area, more skies
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over the bay. clouds in the sky over the bay now. i think we have the same sky. 69 degrees in oakland low 70s in san carlos. 78 gilroy. sometimes i just crack myself up. clouds building at the coast now. other readings now 69 in santa rosa. low 70s in napa and novato. looking at golden gate just above golden gate. we'll see low clouds around the bay so we'll get that muggy feeling back. water vapor shows why we're going to have a return of the muggies. moisture flowing up from southeast into the bay area, providing high clouds we'll see
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tomorrow. and moisture content we'll get that muggy feeling back with us for one day. lining up for aids walk san francisco, early in the morning skies cloudy. might see a drop or two in the morning and muggy out there with higher humidity by late afternoon, sunnier, drier and more comfortable. cloudy skies, lows into low 60s. then, tomorrow, filtered sunshine sunshine. hazy skies. mid-60s on the coast and in and around san francisco. downtown high of 67 degrees 78 in santa rosa.
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oakland, 76. inland east bay, highs into low to mid-80s moving inland here is the accu-weather forecast. temperatures remaining in a steady range. now abc7 is a proud sponsor of abc7 news san francisco. this walk is on sunday, july 0th at golden gate park. and again, weather will be delightful. >> we like that. >> just ahead water facility should provide some much-needed relief to a par. ed bay area community. ??
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governor jerry brown signed a bill to help victims of sexual assault. the existing law requires police to notify local rape crisis center when a sexual assault victim is taken to the hospital. however, not every assault victim notifies police the law allows the hospital to notify the rape crisis center in order to collect evidence after assault. >> california farmers received another infusion of cash from the federal government
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the deal with drought today. under the circumstances u.s. agriculture secretary announcing 9 million in new aid white house pledged $50 million to help california get through a third straight drought year. 57 out of 58 counties are federal disaster areas >> for decades santa clara county has recycleed and reused waste water for agricultural use. could it be used as drinking water as well? it costs $72 million to build and it's the largest of its kind >> times are changing and costs rising and availability is being threatened in northern
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california. this can help us. >> the water is not for drinking yet. officials say it could be introduced into the water smie. >> an army of volunteers conducted what is called a blitz makeover today ikea employees assembled new beds for the family house. families stay at the house while kids receive care at childrens hospital. >> we don't have money in the budge writo buy new beds every year. we don't have money to get new bed spreads, new pillows. >> people that come here, it's a stressful situation. we can provide an oasis for them. >> today's work included installing $10,000 worth of
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merchandise from ikea. >> still to come search for answers in the malaysia airlines disaster and a recording some say is proof pro-russian rebels are responsible for shooting the plane down. >> major ground offensive in gaza. new warnings from israel. >> and no service, no problem. a look at technology allowing you to text and share gps information even if you can't get a cell connection. [ heart beating ] [ female announcer ] the internet gets more exciting the faster it goes. that's why, coming soon, xfinity will double the internet speed on two of ourost popular plans.
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the president and other world leaders calling for an extensive, and credible investigation into the attack on malaysia flight 17. 298 people were on board when it crashed yesterday. the president said it was a missile shot from a region of the ukraine controlled by pro-russian rebel that's brought the plane down. in that same area, rebels have taken down several military aircraft. >> a group of separatists can't shoot down military transport
7:32 pm
planes or they claim shoot town fighter jets. without sows fi ti indicated equipment and training. that is coming from russia. >> russia denies responsibility. this missile launcher was seen this morning. and it was missing 14 missles. security said they have audio russia supplied rebel was the weapon. >> european leaders are considering a broad expansion of penalties against russia. >> travellers and staff in
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amsterdam are joining the world in mourning the victims. they laid flowers and signed a condolence book outside of the departure terminal where the victims once stood one victim dedicated his life to fighting hiv and aids. former president clinton says he's sickened by the loss of many gifted people. >> thinking about those people being knocked out of the skies, pretty tough. >> the dutch royal family is showing support for the grieving netherlands. both king and queen paying their respects at the haying to remember those lost in the crash. >> all right. now to crisis in the middle east. israeli officials say the ground operation that began yesterday could last up to two weeks.
7:34 pm
thousands of troops are looking for secret hamas tunnels to stop militants. israeli military says 20 militants and one soldier have been killed since fighting began yesterday. however, gaza officials say 50 palestinians have been killed. the vatican says the pope called israeli president and palestinian authority president to express concern on the according to a statement the pope reminded leaders about a need to make efforts to promote a truce and peace. >> fires burning in washington state are keeping people out of their homes. up to 100 homes have been destroyed and forced a hospital to be evacuated.
7:35 pm
some have scrambled to save whatever they can from houses. >> it's probably going to wipe out the houses here. >> washington's governor says there are 50 fires burning across his state. firefighters face a tough job because of high temperatures and powerful winds. no injuries have been reported. >> tonight, wall street rebounded from yesterday's losses brought on by the malaysian airlines disaster. dow jones soared 123 points. and people are getting back to work in california. unemployment rate dipped in june to the lowest figure in six years. education and health services posted largest increases adding
7:36 pm
12,000 jobs. construction posing the biggest loss. and amazon unveiled a service today that allows customers to read as much as they want from illegal immigrants library of 600,000 e books. costs about $ten a month. >> we've been there. you pull out your cell phone and there there is no service when you need it most. >> super storm sandy took down fences, doors and houses. also, something else. >> cell towers were down. thinking it's ridiculous during time when you need to communicate, you're unable to. >> if you could find a place to charge the phone it might be useless that is when daniellea got an
7:37 pm
idea for an app. >> the most you can get is 20 feet over blue tooth. at which point you might as well yell. cell phones don't have the hardware but first responders use long antennas >>. walky talkers are. >> so she stuffed a radio into this package called go tenia. there is no speaker, no battery back. it's not for talking. it's for texting. >> idea is that this is supposed to work the way you use your phone. go tenna works as a phone. >> use cases for a lot of people that do outdoor activities. >> c net's nick stat thinks skiers can snap it up on
7:38 pm
preorder. it's sold in pairs. you can only communicate with another person with a gotenna. in wilderness it can travel up to 50 miles, also can work in music festivals. stat says it's off the grid. >> messages are encrypted. you can speak to another person privately. >> she says she's had interest from disaster relief groups. >> no service, no problem, for sure. >> pretty smart. >> it is neat. >> coming up, we all want to save money on car insurance. >> michael finney on discounts i might not know about.
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and some have sororities and you might qualify. >> the list of afillations can be lengthy. it's worth talking and rattling off professional afillations or groups you may belong to. >> and there is obscure discounts. if you're a geico policy soldier if you buy a share that is $130 of bishg shire hathaway, you can get 8% off your policy. when buying, that share for many, now, if you want to see the survey and you should it out, or to see any reports online go to abc7
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and look for seven on your side. >> so excited. >> good to know. >> up next, major treatment in epilepsy. >> gives hope to people that had very little to hope for. >> next, implantable device reducing??
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a cutting edge surgery is now being withing almost routine in one hospital. and it's bringing relief to patients with seizures so severe, it can disrupt lives. when we met monica, she had been experiencing severe epileptic seizures for much of her adult life. >> then, my heart is racing like crazy.
7:48 pm
and i black out. >> this would improve her symptoms. she became an early patient in a clinical trial in san francisco. the device is an electronic stimulator that can read signals in the brain. >> when sensing those, it sends a small pulse back to the area. >> once implanted it's tuned to brain waves. and was effective with a significant number having seizures cut by half. s six months ago fda felt hope for the treatment of epilepsy.
7:49 pm
>> in most cases, mows procedures are also covered by insurance. foremost, they offer the chance for improvement monica experienced during the trial. >> i did go whole months without having seizures. >> a fund to feed orphaned bear cubs is growing fast we told you about lake tahoe wildlife care now raising nine baby bears. this is the only place in california licensed to care for wild cubs. the costs will go higher if more cubs turn up. since our story, the rehabbers are thrilled to have received
7:50 pm
$11,000 in donations. we have a link on abc7 great to see people helping out. >> yes. let's get to spencer. >> there are sunny skies over the bay and inland. into sierra, had outbreak and time of the report is in south lake tahoe. heavy rainfall and lightning. there is a flad flood watch until tomorrow night. back here in the bay area, hazy and warm. here is the accu-weather forecast. muggier sunday still a lovely day. and then, nice mild to warm
7:51 pm
weather for the rest of the week ahead. >> thank you. >> i've been in for dan ashley all week looks like all star break did the giants good. >> giants picking up where they left off. coming up in sports, giants begin with a bang in miami former a's slugger returns to oakland for a reunion of the world champion team. no rush, andy.
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tiger woods is note back in contention, he fired a 77 today just barely made the cut. defending open champ phil mickelson bounced back to shoot a 70 today check out this back spin. he tapped in for a birdie. sergio garcia turned in the shot of the day at two. takes a bounce. and rolled in for eagle he had to settle for a double bogey here.
7:55 pm
and they're chasing roy mcelroy, firing his second straight 66. he finished strong. mcelroy has been plagued this year but not today he's in command with a four-stroke lead. then comes dustin johnson. >> i'm pretty far back. hopefully making ten in one day. and hopefully i can give myself a shot on thursday. >> there was still time to shoot
7:56 pm
hoops jeff is a good golfer. he led going into the final round last year. curry is three points back of this man. and this dream to become the first amputee. what a great story. warriors taking on bucks. check out this jam. the warriors 2 and 3. giants got off to a great start this season. no grand slams today but giants still had a grand time.
7:57 pm
a deep shot to right makes it 2-0. buster posy has three hits so far tonight. third brings home hunter pens. now san francisco leads 9-1. 1989 world champion a's will be honored tomorrow in oakland. >> i regret putting my friends in the book. you know? the reason why i did it is put between a rock and a hard place. meaning we're not going to tell the story. he does admit he's nervous about
7:58 pm
his return. >> that is the most thoughtful i have seen him in years >> join me tonight, disaster in the air why did that flight go over a war zone? how do you know if their flight is about to do the same thing? and a automotive feature that helps you keep kids in line on the road. and at 8:00, join us for abc7 news at 11:00. >> that is going to do it for this edition. our coverage continues on twitter at abc7 news bay area. from the entire team, have a good night
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wow, this is an honor. i am friends with number four on maxim's list of the sexiest women in comedy. thanks. at first i was mad that jessica simpson was ahead of me. but then i saw the dukes of hazzard. funny! what is that, baby oil?


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